Global Leader

We are a global leader in providing advanced technology solutions, technology management and forecasting, networking, and consulting services.  

We have unique competencies and extensive analysis capabilities for a wide range of material systems (metallic, ceramic, ceramic composites, and polymer based), which are critical for the aerospace, automotive, energy, chemical, and environmental sectors. 


Enabling Materials and Systems Technologies 

⦁ Multifunctional Materials and Systems Technologies

⦁ Functional Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies
⦁ Materials and Technologies for Extreme Environments
⦁ Technology Evaluation and Market Assessment

Additive and Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies 

⦁ Affordable and Energy Efficient Manufacturing
⦁ Additive, Green and Eco-friendly Technologies
⦁ Direct Printing of Multifunctional Materials and Sensors
⦁ Biomimicry and Bioinspired Materials and Devices


Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems

⦁ Alternative Energy Materials and System Integration
⦁ Renewables and Thermal Energy Storage Systems
⦁ Materials and Coatings for Energy Efficiency


Innovative Technologies for Clean Water and Air 

⦁ Affordable Filtration and Purification Technologies
⦁ Environmental Management and Pollution Control
⦁ Affordable Products and Processes for Developing World